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1400 DKK

Description: If you like to feel happy, just wear this coat. It's a beautiful, sustainable piece in an eye catching fluffy material that gives you a stylish look. It can be used indoors and outdoors, all year. Indoors it can be worn as a jacket/cardigan to brighten up your outfit. Outdoors you can use it on top of a thin coat such as our SOFT coat.

It is a great piece when seasons are changing, since you can just add or deduct layers to it depending on the weather. This flexibility gives you a lot of choice when putting together your outfit.

The blue and rose versions are made of: 40 % cotton, 26 % polyester, 12 % acrylic, 9 % alpaca and 5% other fibers

The black/white version is made of: 60 % recycled wool and 40 % polyester

Size: Small, Medium, Large

Design: Another View, Denmark

Made: Prato, Italy

Price: 1400 DKK / 190 EUR